The Metal Box is a weekly web series posted each Friday where we discuss all things hard rock and heavy metal: news, videos, interviews, live concerts and more.

This week, we speak with Jack Russell of Great White. We talk about his new album He Saw It Coming, upcoming New York area tour dates, and much more. Watch video above for full interview.

Since 2012, Jack Russell has continued to tour under the name Jack Russell’s Great White. Great White formed out of Los Angeles in 1977 and gained success in the 1980’s with exposure on MTV and the 1989 album …Twice Shy with songs like “Once Bitten, Twice Shy”. The cover of the Ian Hunter single earned the band a Grammy nomination for Best Hard Rock Performance. The album went platinum in the summer of 1989 and double platinum by the fall of that same year.

Check out the new single "Sign of The Times" from Jack Russell's Great White below.

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