With any luck the Capital Region could play host to several NCAA tournaments in a handful of different sports.

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As we mentioned previously The Times Union Center is about to get some major upgrades. To the tune of $19 million dollars that will include "a new enclosed atrium, bright digital displays, a three story waterfall, and new interior space in the rear". Not to mention a brand new convention center is being put in down the street.

With these new improvements to downtown Albany and the Times Union Center they are hoping they can bring in some big sporting events to the city.

The venue has put in applications for six NCAA tournaments in four different sports that according to WNYT include:

Men's basketball first and second rounds and regionals, women’s basketball regionals, men’s hockey regionals, women’s volleyball, and fencing.

In all there 24 bids between 2018 and 2022 which if they get accepted could bring a huge revenue source for the city. Plus some killer sports entertainment for all of the Capital Region.

This is exciting news! I don't know if you have noticed but downtown Albany has been looking a lot like a ghost town as of recent years and I feel like improvements and events such as these can only benefit us all for the positive. Plus it would be really cool to be able to get in some live March Madness action here at home!

What do you think? Are you exited for the possibility of the NCAA coming to Albany?