The Tipsy Moose has three locations throughout the Capital Region. Their food is excellent and the atmosphere is fun. They serve craft beer and have been producing a special concoction of maple whiskey infused with coffee. Now they are going to be able to mass-produce it.

What Special Alcohol Did the Tipsy Moose Make?

They would use a cold-brew process in each of the three Tipsy Moose locations to create the special whiskey. The process took a long time and they would always run out quickly. It was a painstaking eight-hour process that only produced about three quarts. Now they don't have to produce this themselves. They have teamed up with the Albany Distilling Company and now have a bottled version of their special whiskey according to the Times Union.


Where is the Special Whiskey Available?

This special Tipsy Moose Coffee and Maple Flavored Whiskey is available at all three of the Tipsy Moose locations. You can get a one-liter bottle for $35. The first run of the special whiskey for Tipsy Moose was 900 bottles. They hope to have more of the Tipsy Moose Coffee and Maple Flavored Whiskey available for sale in the restaurants in 2022.

Tipsy Moose Tavern on Old Loudon Road in Latham

Google Maps
Google Maps

Tipsy Moose Tavern on Vandenburg Ave in Troy

Chrissy Cavotta
Chrissy Cavotta

Tipsy Moose Tavern on New Scotland Ave in Albany

Tipsy Moose co-owner Rob Tario said:

Developing and distilling a custom spirit has always been a goal, and I am overwhelmed by the enthusiasm our guests have for (it). I’m grateful that (their) love for this whiskey has allowed us to expand our offerings.

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