It's well known that Spider Man star, Tobey Maguire, is a fan of the felt.  Maguire has hauled in$223,645 in poker winnings at the casinos.  Now, it seems that figure might be a tad low.  Maguire has reportedly been named in a suit looking to reclaim $311,200 from a possible illegal underground poker game featuring some big Hollywood names.

Card's  Julio Rodriguez states "Radar Online is reporting that Spider-Man star and poker aficionado Tobey Maguire has been named in a lawsuit for connections to an illegal underground poker game featuring numerous Hollywood stars that ran between 2006 and 2009."  Rodriguez explains "The lawsuit stems from the participation of Brad Ruderman, a man currently serving time in a Texas jail after being convicted of two counts of wire fraud and two counts of investment adviser fraud. Ruderman served as the CEO of Ruderman Capital Partners, which was later revealed to be a ponzi scheme by FBI investigators."

Apparently, Ruderman lost an alleged 25 million dollars of money from investors in these underground poker games.  Matt Damon, Ben Affleck and Leonardo DiCaprio are also said to have tossed some chips around the tables.  According to the article, "The trustee claims that Maguire “had no legally enforceable contractual right to receive payment, and had no right to enforce the winnings in state or federal court.”

By all means, I'm a fan of poker and I would have loved to buy into one of those big boy games! However, I'm not sure why Tobey would risk some time in court over 300 grand.  Though that seems like a fortune to you and I, the man made 15 million dollars plus 7.5% of the back end to make Spider Man 3.  That movie made 890 million dollars world-wide. Not sure I'd be hitting up some gambling spots if I had that much loot!   What are your stakes when you hit the felt?  I rock the 3/6 No limit.