Over the last 50 years we have seen so many legendary guitarists. When asking you on Facebook who was the best, this is what the region agreed upon.

I personally have always loved the guitar work of one Jimi Hendrix. In my opinion he would have been far huger than he was had he survived his 20's. Watching video on YouTube of him playing Voodoo Child and The Star Spangled Banner are just pure reasons as to why I justify him as the greatest of all time on the six string.

Many others in the Capital Region also agree with that opinion too. Jimi Hendrix was voted as the best guitarist ever.

#1 Jimi Hendrix (12 votes)

#2 Jimmy Page (7 votes)

#3 (TIE) Randy Rhoads, Dimebag Darrell and Eddie Van Halen (6 votes each)\

Obviously you can't really go wrong listening and enjoying music from any of the guitarists listed above. Sadly a few of them left us too soon.