I would like to start by clarifying, women's top 5 feelings as told by a man. Am I accurate?

  1. A Good Cry: This literally came straight from a few female co-workers. In my opinions I could agree. It may zap the manliness out of you at times but regardless women cry far more often and according to my co-workers it can be relieving.
  2. Puppies/Babies: Either one! Lets be honest, I'll paint the picture. So anytime a puppy or any infant animal as well as babies are around a female you will hear "Awwww" its almost a given. Justified feeling, just saying a golden lab puppy falling all over itself is cute.
  3. Hugs: Listen, I don't mind hugs either but do you see me going to hug every man in sight? Nope. Do you know why? I am not a woman!!!!
  4. Cuddling: Alright men!! Women for the most part love a man who loves to cuddle. It gives them a sense of security. Word of advice, always be the big spoon!
  5. Shopping: See here is my stance on this. It is hardly a man or woman thing. I love to shop. I also love to get Moe's on occasion to. Most men would pick food over a bedazzled thong. Just saying!

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