I just came back from a vacation at the Jersey Shore, chock full of fishing, beach time, boardwalk rides, TONS of food, and rock and roll. In fact, I found myself on a fishing boat one day with a frontman for a well known local NJ rock band, talking "shop." Which of course then led me to think more about how integral music is to everything in my life. It's amazing how much one song can change a situation, one playlist can change the mood of a party, and particularly in the summertime, how live music can make the season that much better. There are a few songs I found myself listening to over and over, and I realized that they've become staples routinely during the summertime for me. Those songs you hear and think "ahhhh its finally summer." So here they are:

  • 1

    "Dazed and Confused"- Led Zeppelin

    Because what beats a walk around a boardwalk or fair, full of lights and rides, than wrapping up the night with some Led Zeppelin.  It just fits the atmosphere.

  • 2

    "Paradise City"- Guns N' Roses

    What heats up a pool party or hanging by the creek like "Paradise City". Guns N' Roses are a summertime go-to. Well, really anytime of the year. But still...

  • 3

    "Panama"- Van Halen

    Nothing matches the heat and sizzle of the summer sun like Van Halen. Just listening to them makes me bead with sweat.

  • 4

    "Barracuda"- Heart

    On top of feeling like an awesome rocker bada** listening to this song under the summer sun, there's something so fitting about listening to a song titled "Barracuda" while fishing on a boat, in the ocean, and on vacation (or while I'm home in NY fishing in general.  Fishing for bass almost compares to reeling in a barracuda, right?).

  • 5

    "Old Time Rock and Roll"- Bob Seger

    Nothing beats sitting on a porch on a summer evening listening to Bob Seger.  One of my favorite things to do.

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