If you can't be at a show the next best thing is the live album.  These are my top 5 live albums of all time.


I love a great liver performance.  It's even cooler when you can take that live performance and take it home to listen to whenever you want.  Live albums are awesome and give you a feel for something even if you weren't there.  It could be a classic album that you are experiencing for the first time.  You can almost feel the atmosphere as the sound comes through your speakers, it's like you are there.

I myself have a very eclectic taste in music so my favorite live albums are probably different than yours, or not, you never know.  The coolest thing about a band doing something live is that you may even be able to grab something unique.  Aaron Lewis did "Outside" for the first time ever live on the Family Values tour.  We were fortunate enough to have someone release that track for all to hear.  The best version of "A Boy Named Sue" by Johnny Cash was done live at San Quentin Prison.  Unless you have the album, or were an inmate you are missing out.   So without further ado, these are my favorite live albums.

5. Gov't Mule-The Deepest End, Live Concert
I am a huge fan of Mule.  Warren Haynes on guitar, the dude is amazing.  Mrozek is also a big fan of these guys.  My brother is the one who got me into them.  I saw them at The Palace a few times and this album is still one I like to rock out to. I love when they break into a Zeppelin cover live, Haynes has an awesome voice for it.

4. KISS-Alive!
KISS may infact be the coolest live show to see ever. Fire, swords, smoking guitars, it is so awesome. Their 1975 album Alive! gives you the entire feel of a KISS show without being there. Plus it gave us the best version of Rock n Roll All Night.

3. AC/DC-Live
One of my favorite bands doing a larger than life performance. AC/DC Live was recorded at the Monsters of Rock festival at Castle Donington. A Huge crowd gets their faces rocked off by Brian, Angus and the boys. Not just an album but also a DVD so you can really live out this performance.

2. Dave Matthews Band-The Gorge
These days I am not really big into Dave Matthews, but this is still one of my favorite albums. Awesome versions of "Gravedigger", "Drive in Drive out" and "Granny", this is a really cool DMB album. I know that there are a lot of Dave haters out there but before you judge check it out.

1. Johnny Cash-Live at Folsom Prison
This is regarded as one of the biggest live albums of all time. Johnny Cash plays his heart out at Folsom Prison in 1968. The signature version of "Folsom Prison Blues" was recorded at this legendary concert. This is my favorite live album of all time.

Two other live albums I would like to mention here are The Last Waltz by The Band. Their final album and it has so many artists on it. Neil Diamond, Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan and more. If you are looking for a really cool live album give that a listen. Also U2's Rattle and Hum from 1988 is a great live album. I love their version of 'Helter Skelter' that they open it up with. What is your favorite live album? Did it make my list?