So, the Giants are in a conundrum, do they continue on with an aging Eli Manning? Draft a brand new QB in the draft? Or possibly snag a big name within the league.

The later may end up being a possibility. We have heard some crazy rumors in the last few weeks. Ranging from the Giants potentially trading up in the draft to be sure they can grab Dwayne Haskins. That trade up would take quite a bit though. That's why I say that is a crazy rumor. Plus, is Haskins the future in blue? That I'm not so sure of.

Another crazy rumor is the topic of this article. It has been speculated that Russell Wilson could possibly be on his way to the big apple. Russell Wilson is entering his final contracted year with the Seattle Seahawks. With any rumor, people try to make sense of why it COULD happen.

For Wilson, the Giants have a head coach that would be beneficial for him. He could be a bigger superstar than he is in Seattle with a NY on his helmet. He also is dating a celebrity that has gone on record saying they would rather live in New York City.

Of course, this is all speculation at the moment. Westbrook is 30 and without a doubt, he has more years left to play than Eli. But would you like to see the former Super Bowl Champion Russell Wilson come to the Giants?

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