The New Year is just a couple days away and everyone has their own Top Lists for every subject under the sun. So when BJ messaged me and gave me a great idea for one of my blogs I jumped on it. The top tech for 2011. My plan was to just do some Google searches and see what the consensus was on this. And BJ pretty much called it in his messages to me, iPhone 4S.


Just about every article I clicked on that had a Top Tech list, had iPhone 4S on the top of it's list. So I guess you could say, that 2011, was the year of the iPhone. New features added, like Siri, and higher resolution camera and dual core processor, did bring it out to make it even better.

Many would also cite that Android phones sales have been picking up and even outselling iPhone. Yes they have, but it seems that iPhone is what the editors like. Then of course there is the iPad. Many companies like Samsung, and RIM have designed and marketed tablets, but the iPad has been chosen by many as the top tablet. When it was introduced, many already had the idea it would change things completely. And it did do that, and more. It totally changed how people see a tablet, just like how the iPhone changed how everyone sees a smartphone.

So needless to say, it was a banner year for Tech, and as we head into 2012, there is no doubt there will be more awesome stuff coming from not only Apple, but many more companies like HP and Google. The world is starting to look more and more like how Michael Okuda, the Art Director for Star Trek: The Next Generation as well as the other TV series, saw tech in the future. Now it's all coming true.