Every year the National Toy Hall of Fame announces the nominations to be inducted. The list for 2021 is out and I can't lie, some of them brought back some amazing childhood memories. I agree with most of the toys that are nominated but I really think my Nana should get some sort of credit if one certain toy gets into the Toy Hall of Fame.

The Strong Museum of Play in Rochester announced the list of nominees for the Toy Hall of Fame. Check out some of the ones that made the list.

American Girl Dolls: Although I have no attachment to these, my neice loved them growing up.


Battleship: In my opinion, one of the best board games ever. My sister Nancy and I would play all of the time. We eventually got the electronic one and it was awesome.

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Billiards: I was never really into playing pool, but it is one of the most popular games ever.

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Fisher-Price Corn Popper: I remember every toddler had this and they still sell them today with an updated version.


Risk: This board game allows you to plot and strategize your military. It's a game of skill and tactics. My nephew loved this game.

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Pinata: The favorite part of any birthday party. When you get to swing a stick at something blindfolded hoping candy falls out, that's a toy!

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Sand: Yup! That stuff you play with at the beach. Apparently it qualifies as a toy.

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The Cabbage Patch Doll: I really hope that this gets into the Hall of Fame this year. If it does, I think they should mention my grandmother in the notes. You couldn't buy one of these dolls if you wanted to in the '80s. But my Nana wouldn't accept that so she made myself and my two sisters our very own. She sewed us one using the doll head she got at the craft store. I named mine Norman and I loved him.

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There were a few other finalists including the toy fire engine, Mahjong, Masters of the Universe, and Settlers of Catan. You can vote for your favorites by clicking HERE. The final inductees will be announced on November 4th.

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