Well, I guess there is no time like present to start your Christmas shopping right? Especially when it involves 'Going Out of Business' prices.

Many were shocked and saddened last week to learn that we all officially have to "Grow Up" now that national toy retailer Toys R Us is closing up shop all across the country.

While it is disappointing to know the next generation of children will not grow up knowing what it will be like to be a 'Toys R Us Kid' and it is hard to see the bright side to the end of like, one of the last remaining major toy stores especially when it includes hundreds of closures and lost jobs.

However, there is kind of an immediate upside to the whole situation that will benefit you, the consumer. Begining today (Thursday, March 22nd) the Toys R Us liquidation sale has begun which means everything thing in store will be sold at discounted prices. According to the Thrillist the sale is supposed to last for like 14 weeks but of course that depends on how quickly they sell out of inventory and some may very well close much sooner than that.

Toys R Us has a few locations across the Capital Region where you can take advantage of the deals before it's too late. If you see any screaming deals on LOL Dolls or Power Rangers give me a heads up my nieces and nephews have some birthdays coming up.

R.I.P Toys R Us