This actually seems like a long time coming for a local business owner. Clifton Park Center soon should be seeing a trampoline park.

I think Clifton Park is an incredible area to open one of these. There are just so many families in Clifton Park. Beyond that, it seems like every trampoline park in the area just isn't located in a nice central area but rather tucked away where nobody would ever know they are there.

This, of course, would change all of that. As stated above, this has been a long time coming. Apparently, according to Biz Journals, both the owner of the Sky Zone franchise and the owner of the mall have been wanting this but were waiting for Payless Shoe Store to close its doors, as that is the space that would be needed for the trampoline park.

More info is listed here from Biz Journals although no tentative date has been announced.

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