Moammer Gadhafi is creating my trouble for himself as he bombed Eastern Libya last night to take control back from rebel forces.  Many are dying and Gadhfi says more will die if the US or NATO interferes.

Things are getting out of hand in the Middle East.  Cruel Dictator Moammar Gadhafi will not step down and insists the people of Libya "love him".  I don't know where he is getting that impression, but he must really want their love because late last night he bombed most of Eastern Libya in order to regain control from rebel forces.

He also warned that if there is any interference from US or NATO military forces that thousands of Libyans would die.  Sounds like a pretty good leader to me.  I am not sure how these Middle Eastern dictators get the crazy delusion in their heads that the people who clearly detest them, love them.  Gadhafi claims that foreign influence is playing a big part of the democratic rallies around Tripoli.   Demonstrations in Tunisia and Egypt are prime examples that the people of the Middle East are finally strong enough to stand up to these tyrants and try and take control back.

The problem is that they don't have the resources to fight back accordingly.  This is why Gadhafi threatened death to the country he governs if we give any kind of aid.  He knows that he can beat back rebels.  it is amazing to me how brainwashed some of his soldiers and military leaders are.  This dude is as corrupt as Saddam Hussein and it's only a matter of time before he is removed from power.  I think it best to leave it to the people of Libya to do this deed, rather than US troops becoming involved.  The only thing that may ultimately get NATO involved is the ever growing price of oil because of all the uprisings. Until things are good over there, plan on paying a pretty penny at the pump.