Troy, a town that seems to get a bad rap all the time. Whether it is their pothole stricken roads or dirty streets, people like giving Troy a hard time. But this is something truly amazing that they do when the weather is a bit hot.

As a former laborer for the City of Troy, I myself recognize all of the things they actually do at times for residents of the city. I never recall doing this for kids and adults but can strongly get behind the action. They open what they call cooling stations. A couple of weeks ago when traffic was backed up onto the Collar City Bridge, I decided to take a detour and go up Middleburgh onto Oakwood Ave. When I did that on a 95-degree day I saw what exactly these cooling stations are.

They look to be a giant fire hose connected to fire hydrants that will spray water high into the sky, creating a fountain for kids to run through. They close down the entire block when they do it. With warm weather expected today through Tuesday, the city will be doing it again at multiple locations.

  • 120th Street Park in Lansingburgh
  • Little Italy Marketplace in South Troy
  • 7th Ave Park at Ingalls Ave in Middle Troy
  • Canal Street Park in South Troy

If you live and Troy and you are looking for something fun for the kiddos to do in the hot weather, maybe hit one of these cooling stations up.

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