Ever have those days where you are starving and can't decide what to eat? Troy Kitchen has you covered on just such an occasion and they are about to open up a few more options for you!

If you have yet to visit Troy Kitchen yet let me tell you that this is the perfect spot to hit up when you can't decide what you want to eat, when you want a little bit of everything, when you want to enjoy local live performances, and even when you want to get fancy and dress up and sip champagne!

It's actually a pretty cool concept it works almost cafeteria or food court style where you can go to one location and try out several different local restaurant options. It also serves as a start up for restaurateurs who are looking to get their feet wet before opening their own full service restaurant.

Such is the case for one of their first vendors K-Plate which is currently in the process of opening a stand alone spot in the spring at 75 Fourth St. in downtown Troy.

According to the TU the names and menus of the new vendors won't be announced until the opening dates are finalized however they did say:

The first will sell chopped-cheese sandwiches, a cult item in New York City that is said to be the Big Apple’s answer to the Philly cheesesteak. Other new vendors will be for Jamaican cuisine, halal street food and soul food. The openings will roll out once every few weeks starting in mid-April.

If you want to check out Troy Kitchen you can find more details on their Facebook page.