So when I searched ‘funny videos’ today, this is what it came up with. When I watch the video here, I’m pretty sure I heard some of the audio on Free Beer and Hot Wings, but it was really tough to just listen to without seeing these two in action. When you watch, it appears that they are truly having a conversation without even knowing how to speak. And from the little experience I’ve had with twins, I believe these guy are getting their points across to one another.

I used to have a house mate that had 2 little girls about the age of 8 that came over every other weekend. Yes, they were twins. And in the entire time I was there, I don’t think I ever heard them speak English. But they certainly had banter like these two little guys. There was a lot of giggling too. Back and forth they went with sounds that weren’t words, and little spurts of laughter in between. To me, it seemed insane. I mean, these weren’t little babies. They had some command of the English language, but opted to never use it. The father briefly explained the phenomena of the connection of twins and after realizing that somehow they were actually communicating with each other it seemed to make a little more sense. But it never stopped driving me crazy. I know that having children is work, but may God bless the parents that raise twins as I think they have a much bigger battle. Hopefully the reward is plentiful.

Finally, I know you’re probably looking at that black and white picture and saying “Mrozek… Couldn’t you get a picture of some hot and voluptuous twins in their mid-twenties?” And the answer is no, I couldn’t. I looked, but of the pictures I am licensed to use, this was all I could find. Sorry, but hopefully you can get a snicker out of these two guys.