Michael Sam is the former defensive end for the Missouri Tigers. Sam happens to also be gay and he is not afraid to admit it.

We hit up Twitter to see the world's reaction.

Unfortunately, this is a news story. The gay and lesbian community continues to fight for equal rights, and this is just one more hurdle to overcome. Tackling the sports world as a gay athlete is not an easy task, especially in football. Not only has Sam said that he is gay but he is proud to be gay.

This no-fear talent has transition in his playing style, as he put up decent numbers in his college career. Sam was awarded the SEC defensive player of the year and was named to the the all-SEC first team.

So now that we know that Sam can play, how does the NFL and the rest of the world view him? Will he be that "gay guy" or the extremely courageous DE from Missouri with a ton of upside.