Thanksgiving is here and it's time to "flip your bird" out of the fridge and into the fire! Depending on which way you choose to prepare your turkey that is. If I were a ramblin' gamblin' man I would guess that you will roast your turkey. Am I right?

Truth is I have no idea how to prepare lunch let alone Thanksgiving dinner and I don't really know the difference between roasting, deep-frying or smoking. The people at not only know the difference they also know which way you will prepare your feast based on where you live!

Every year I just show up at someone's home, usually someone I know, and I am thankful to have something to eat regardless of how it is prepared. Occasionally I am asked to carve the turkey and I am decent at that task. Aside from that I had no idea that so much time thought and sometimes research goes into this holiday.

The crew at tracked over 80,000 Tweets to determine the holiday cooking habits of the nation. What they found is that the majority of the United States, including New York, prefer to roast the turkey. This is how it breaks down.

29 states like to roast the turkey (Northeast, Midwest and West)
16 states choose to deep-fry (Mostly Southern States)
5 states prefer to smoke the turkey

According to the research is generated from geo-tagged Twitter data tracking Tweets and hashtags to arrive at their findings.

I will assume that my first Thanksgiving dinner here in the Capital Region will be roasted but then again it is 2020 and we have learned to expect the unexpected. Regardless of how your meal is prepared I hope you have food to eat and a warm place to sleep tonight and every night.



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