Type O Negative were one of the most unique bands to grace the metal scene. Often regarded as a wondrous combination of the best Black Sabbath and the Beatles had to offer, Type O were not simply a marriage of these two, but utilized more as light and dark facets of the band's ever-shifting sound. Darkly romantic, haunting, cheeky and rifled with satirical, black humor, all these moods helped create one of the metal's most characterized bands.

Formed after the demise of Peter Steele's primal thrash outfit Carnivore, the 'Four D--ks From Brooklyn' carried over similar aesthetics on their raw and visceral debut, Slow, Deep and Hard, but strongly hinted at their inevitable direction they would fully realize two albums (or one depending on how you view The Origin of the Feces) later. Bloody Kisses established Type O as metal's newest heavyweight, securing a Platinum record and spurring the goth metal movement.

October Rust served as the follow-up to the critically acclaimed groundbreaker, carefully calculated to improve upon the success of Bloody Kisses with a straightforward approach almost entirely steeped in gothic moods, but not without that infamous, charming wit. From there was the incredibly depressing World Coming Down, whose successor, Life Is Killing Me, flipped this mood with an overall feel-good record replete with cheery Beatles-esque sunshine vocal melodies and a handful of speedier tunes.

Type O Negative's final album, Dead Again, saw the band continue their upswing felt on Life Is Killing Me, mixing in some of the their heaviest riffs to date with more punchy jams spliced between the somber moods. Tragically, we lost Peter Steele three years later due to heart failure at the age of 48.

Highly innovative, devastatingly honest and always wearing a grin on their collective mugs, Type O Negative left a legacy of seven albums that own a distinct sound that can never be mistaken for any other band. Their influence is immeasurable and while we'll always wonder what else the band could have offered if Steele were still alive today, these records have held up as ageless classics, each with its own personality that is so deeply ingrained in the frontman's own life and characteristics that they allowed us to feel like we all knew the man personally.

R.I.P, Peter Steele, and long live Kenny Hickey, Josh Silver, Johnny Kelly, Sal Abruscato and the Type O Negative legacy! See how we ranked Type O Negative's albums in the gallery above.

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