Rollingstone has put out their list of the top albums of the 1980's and some rockers hit the top of the list.


The 1980's provided such a wide range of music and some monumental albums that are still listened to just as heavily today.  Rollingstone did a new readers poll to find out which record would be the number one record of the decade that brought us thrash, new wave,electronic, hair bands and rap.  The answer isn't really that surprising either.

When I think of Giant bands/performers from the 1980's a few come to mind.  Prince, U2, Michael Jackson, The Police need I go on?  These guys were huge and if any of them were to come to town tomorrow the show would sell out in an instant.  So when I read the results of the poll by Rollingstone I wasn't surprised to see that U2's The Joshua Tree was ranked the number 1 album.  How it could it not be?  U2 was already a pretty big band but this record with songs like "Where the Streets have no Name", "Bullet the Blue Sky" and "I still haven't foudn what I'm looking for", made them gigantic.  Other artisits that hit the list are AC/DC, Metallica, Guns n Roses and The Clash.

I disagree somewhat with the placement of Michael Jackson's Thriller because it is the biggest selling album of all time. Three isn't bad placement, but I think it's a little bigger than Guns Appetite. I'm pretty impressed that Metallica made the list too.  I love Metallica and apparently so do Rollingston readers because they picked the best Metallica in Master of Puppets as the number 10 record.  Here is a complete run down of the list:

1. U2:  The Joshua Tree

2. Guns n Roses: Appetite For Destruction

3. Michael Jackson: Thriller

4. Bruce Springsteen: Born in the USA

5. Prince: Purple Rain

6. AC/DC: Back in Black

7. The Smiths: The Queen is Dead

8. The Clash: London Calling

9. The Cure: Disintegration

10. Metallica: Master Of Puppets