When I was in high school my friends dad was a school superintendent that was in charge of calling school delays and closings. To decide if school was closed he would get up early and go drive around the school district and then decide if school was closed or delayed. That system seems pretty antiquated compared to what's going to help current school districts in the Upstate.

According to WNYT the new  UAlbany forecasting system combines data from Mesonet and the National Weather Service and was tested by six area BOCES.

School officials now have access to up to the minute casting tools to make the best decision on school delays and closings. That means they should be able to not only be more accurate, but also be able to make those decisions earlier than before.

"The scientists who created the system say the real winners here are businesses and working parents." WNYT

So, hopefully this winter schools will only be delayed and closed when they really need to be and parents, businesses and teach will have more of a notice when snow days happen.