This is certainly not the update anyone was looking forward to ...

It was an extensive search over the last 24 hours or so by the Waterford Police, Saratoga County Sheriffs, NYS Park Police, NYS Rangers, NYS Police Aviation Unit, Waterford and Northside Fire Depts., the Waterford Rescue Squad and the entire community to find 14 year old Anthony Blaauboer who had been missing since Wednesday afternoon and unfortunately it has concluded with everyone's worst fear.

Earlier this evening it was reported that divers recovered his body about 100 ft. downstream from where his clothing was found at Hutchinson Lane in approximately seven feet of water. An official cause of death won't be determined until an autopsy is performed. Family members have repeatedly said that he was not a fan of the water and often avoided it at all costs. The investigation into his disappearance and passing is still on going.

What's even more terrible is that this was the second missing child's body discovered today in the Capital Region after a body consistent with that of a missing 4 month old was found on State St. in Schenectady.

When tragedies like these occur it makes me not only want to hold my friends and loved ones a little closer but also keep an eye out for my neighbors as well. What's that they say, "It takes a village".

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