Upstate New York has been represented on TV a lot lately- from singing competitions to cooking shows.  This time, an Upstate New Yorker took home the top prize.

I am a huge "Ink Master" fan, and love to binge watch marathons of the competitive tattoo show.  I won't lie, I also love to watch Dave Navarro.  But that's besides the point. "Ink Master" has had a number of spin-off competitions from the initial idea.  Competing with Season Twelve and its "Battle of the Sexes", Laura Marie Wachholder found herself on top, winning a cool $100,000 grand prize. posted all about it, and some more info on Laura.  While not located in the Capital Region, she is an upstater, and co-owns a tattoo shop (Atomic Roc Tattoo) based out of Rochester.  I love seeing New York represented on such a big level, but it did make me start to think about the Capital Region.  There are a lot of tattoo parlors in the area, for sure.  If there were to be our own version of "Ink Master: Capital Region", who would you crown winner?

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