Some people are so sure they have found the one that they map out a freaking corn maze to ask for their hand in marriage.

I am not one for big sappy public displays of affection personally but I can surely appreciate a couples quest for love and subsequent joy of finding the one person they want to spend the rest of their life with. Not to mention their eagerness to share it with the world.

Well last week on Upstate New York farmer decided that shouting it from the rooftops wouldn't quite do. So (with the help of his father) he carved out a marriage proposal to his girlfriend in the corn field on the family farm in Fabius, NY that is used as a corn maze each year.

According to the plan to turn the corn maze into a marriage proposal was hatched just before summer but the execution had to wait until the corn was long enough that the letters could be seen through. Once the maze was cut a neighbor with a drone snapped a shot of the finished product that could be seen by the birds and the stars in the sky!

The hopeful new groom then asked his girlfriend if she wanted to see the picture of this years corn maze and to her surprise it was a message for her reading "Allie Will You Marry Me" **spoiler alert** she said YES! Congratulations to the happy couple!

Sometimes being a little extra has it's rewards. If you want to learn more about the newly engaged couple and their story you can do that by clicking here.