A Washington County man who assaulted another man with a garden rake could spend up to the next three years in jail. This guy was facing a slew of charges and had apparently already been in trouble before.

Back in August of 2021 New York State Police were called to an address in the Washington County town of Hebron where an assault was taking place. They say 36 year old Egbert Shaw of Salem showed up at a home in violation of an order of protection. He apparently threw a woman out of the house and into propane tank outside. A neighbor saw what was going on and tried to help the victim, that's when Shaw allegedly picked up a rake and attacked the neighbor.

When police arrived they said Shaw initially resisted arrest, but was eventually taken in. The neighbor was hit several times with the rake and was taken to Glens Falls Hospital where he was treated.

Last week Shaw pleaded guilty in Washington County court to felony second degree assault. The judge sentenced him to prison time, 1-3 years to be exact.

Pretty much any yard tool makes a dangerous weapon when you think about it. Rotor-tills, a garden weasel, hedge clippers, pitch fork, pick axe, and let's not forget that dangerous leaf blower. Sounds like this guy grabbed whatever he could get his hands on outside and used it as a weapon - it just happened to be a rake, which might be the least lethal of all garden tools.

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