On this weeks Free Advice Friday we throw down some advice on how to get yourself some free rides this summer ...

Now don't get me wrong I'm really excited for ridesharing services to become available in the Capital Region at the end of this month but let's be honest here, even though apps like Lyft and Uber generally are more convenient and cost less than cabs, they still cost money.

In my experience any way you can cut down costs and save yourself some of your hard earned cheddar is the way to go! And if I can get the same or close to the same service for FREE, free is always better!

Ridesharing services will be great for getting from town to town without having to drive but did you know that a few of the cities here in the Capital Region offer FREE shuttle services so you can explore more parts of them safely. Sartoga has been offering a free summer shuttle service for a while now, downtown Schenectady's is getting ready to begin their own, Troy is in talks to start one up, and Albany just launched theirs yesterday!

So for this weeks Free Advice Friday I thought I'd test out the new Capital City Shuttle and advice you to totally utilize these free services in your town!


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