Residents of Selkirk got a visit from a hungry Black Bear Monday night and the video is really amazing. This bear knows exactly what he wants and has obviously done this dining option before. Watch how he just knocks the can over, opens the lid like he's done it a thousand times (although he does get startled when it swings back and hits him), he then grabs one bag of delicious "take-out" garbage and makes a clean getaway. As far as I can tell his only late night dinner faux pas was not leaving a tip or even a good review on Yelp.

Here's the video from Brian Murphy sent in to CBS 6 TV Albany.

Since moving to Averill Park, NY I've had one Black Bear cross my path....literally. I was driving my Jeep through Averill Park and a pretty good sized bear ran right across the road in front of me.

If you see a Black Bear the Department of Environmental Conservation asks that you contact them so they can document it's location and make sure it's not becoming a problem bear. The Schenectady Wildlife office serves Albany, Columbia, Montgomery, Rensselaer and Schenectady counties; (518) 357-2355