AMC's 'The Walking Dead' really knows how to end a show.  Pull out all the stops, leave you wanting more, and introducing a brand new, sword wielding badass with just minutes left. 


All season long we have been building toward a gigantic explosion.  The Rick and Shane situation was a powder keg since the Sophia incident, and now Hershel's family knows the real danger of this world.  In the last episode, the conclusion of Rick and Shane's relationship finally happened with Rick having to kill Shane to protect himself, while also coming to the realization that everyone is infected with the virus that turns people into walkers.

Yes, that's right.  Everyone is infected with the disease.  Getting bit just makes you sick, but dying triggers it.  Hopefully more of that mystery is to come soon, because now that we know everyone is infected, we need to know how. We all had theories about what Jenner whispered to Rick at the CDC in the season one finale, and now we know it was that.


The farm is gone, and for the first time, Hershel and his family are on the run with Rick and his group.  The sense of safety is now gone, and everyone is in panic mode.  We couldn't have everyone go along for the ride though.

They lost Patricia and Jimmy to the herd of walkers that took over the farm.  Thankfully though, everyone else was able to escape the chaos.  Everyone in the group meets up right where the second season began, on the highway.  Obviously no one has been past that area since all the supplies they left for Sophia were untouched.  The only one missing is Andrea, who was thought to be taken down by walkers while saving Carol.  Turns out a walker just fell on her, but now she is alone and on foot.

Being on foot in the zombie apocalypse is probably not the best.  Walkers don't get tired, but you do.  That doesn't really stop Andrea from being strong and kicking ass.  It's obvious that she had been running for a couple of hours, and the walkers are still on her tail.


Out of ammo, and practically out of steam it looks bad, but enter the mysterious character in  the hood with two armless zombies on leashes.  Those of you who read the comics know that this is Michonne, and she is awesome.  Anyone who carries around a samurai sword is okay in my book.

So it looks like Andrea is in good hands, but what about the others?  Rick drops two huge bombs on the group.  The fact that they are all infected, and that he killed Shane. Without Shane there to have a side to tell, it's Rick basically confessing to murder, though we know that it was self defense.  The only person who seems to still trust Rick after this turn of events is Daryl, who has increasingly become a more important member of the group.

If you ask me, everyone in the group should be thanking Rick, but no.  Instead they all want to crucify him.  This whole time they have looked to him for tough decisions, and now that he has to make them, they don't like it.  Seems like his morals are way more compromised now, but it's probably for the best.


So what's in store for us in season three this Fall?  Well in the final shot we zoomed away to what looks like a giant fortress, which is in fact a prison.  Comic creator and show producer Robert Kirkman said it's all about the prison in season three, and we'll be seeing more of Michonne.

Those of you wondering where Daryl's brother Merl has been, well he his character has been confirmed for season three.  Is it October yet?

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