How would you like to live in the same house where Jon Bon Jovi recorded "Crush" and every Bon Jovi album since then. Pretty cool huh? Of course, you're going to need DEEP pockets to close on this house.

Bon Jovi's french inspired mansion has 18,000-square-feet, six bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a 50-foot wide living room, a grand fireplace, a heated outdoor swimming pool and a heated three-car garage, according to the listing.

Plus, you get a bunch of outbuildings including a private pub, carriage house is the perfect guest house and a stable that has been converted into a recording studio.

Now, you know the old saying, "If you have to ask the price, you can't afford it." That's 100% true here. The Christie's real estate listing states, "Price available upon request". Although, I looked through Zillow and came up with a rough estimate of $7.9 Million.

Want to check out the listing and more pictures of this spectacular home. Here's a link to the listing.