Tye Trujillo, son of Metallica bassist Robert Trujillo, has been on tour with Korn in South America, temporarily filling in for Fieldy due to "unforeseen circumstances." The 12-year-old has been tearing it up onstage and fans in Lima, Peru were treated to something even more special on Saturday night (April 29) as Robert made a guest appearance onstage.

Following a drum solo, Korn went into the familiar dissonant chords, signaling the opening moments of their debut album favorite "Blind." With two Trujillos on bass, the song's low-slung groove had some extra force behind it that night. Watch the video above for the full performance and check out the clip from Ray Luzier's Facebook to see the father and son in action up close.

Robert has been watching his son perform throughout the tour, hanging out with Korn while Tye takes on the opportunity of a lifetime. “It’s a beautiful thing, ’cause he’s still a 12-year-old and he still acts wild and crazy, as a 12-year-old should, but when it comes to music, he’s very focused," the Metallica bassist told GloboPlay. "And with Korn, it’s funny, because I haven’t shown him anything at all for the Korn stuff — I’ve been too busy and I’ve been out of town a lot — and he’s taking this opportunity very serious.”

Korn's Munky had nothing but praise for the young bassist, telling NME, "When we go to the shows, he’s got people wanting his picture and his autograph – he’s a little overwhelmed, but he’s handling himself just like his dad, which is cool, collected and modest."

Fieldy will rejoin Korn when they return stateside for a number of festival appearances, the first of which will be at Carolina Rebellion on May 6. The band also had a small series of headlining May tour dates, but those have been postponed and are expected to be rescheduled at a later date.

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