Oh man, we are certainly going to have a tough decision to make once these lineups drop.

Michael Lang, one of the co-founders and producers of the original Woodstock Festival, has announced today that Woodstock 50 is happening and will be a 3 Day festival August 16th, 17th, and 18th 2019 at Watkins Glen International racetrack!

While no lineup has been announced as of yet apparently 40 artists have been booked for 3 stages and they are working on filling in acts for smaller stages they are calling "Neighborhoods". According to the NY Times the lineup announcement and ticket on sale should be coming sometime next month. But they are anticipating on selling a maximum of 100,000 three-day passes, with most attendees camping on site.

This is all going down on the same weekend that Bethel Woods will be holding their own 50th Anniversary celebration on the site that the original Woodstock was held called the Bethel Woods Music and Culture Festival.

Both festivals plan to bring a a little something different to each event and boast a an eclectic mix of artists that cross genres and decades. As for rumored artists to play reportedly Santana has already said he is in for Lang's celebration while The Who's Roger Daltry, who played the original Woodstock, has stated that August is too hot for him in the states to work and that he didn't have any interest in playing.

Whats really crazy is that people have had there rooms booked for like a year near Bethel (myself included) and since their announcement there are not many left. It would have been really cool to do 2 different weekends do people could experience both. At this point I think it all comes down to lineups and ticket prices. Which festival are you looking to attend this summer?

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