Good News: We have an app for that!

Bad News: We have an app for that too!

Good News: This edition of Good News Bad News has some news that is relevant to our format.

Bad News: I butcher "Sweet Child O' Mine."

Good News: It's not as bad as the Sheryl Crow version.

Bad News: I doubt that Sheryl Crow or any of her fans will read this blog and get offended by what I just wrote about her, however I will find Sheryl Crow on twitter and tweet this blog at her to see if she responds but I don't know if she is on twitter or she remembers that she was famous.

Good News: We have a weather report not that comes from the Weather Channel and the weather never gets old.

Bad News: Sheryl Crow does.

Good News: I just googled Sheryl Crow and found out that she has a new album and is still pretty foxy.

Bad News: She looks like she can beat me up.

Good News: I am not relevant enough for her to take the time to find me and beat me up.

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