Motorcycle on Mulholland Highway

And this is the reason why I constantly say no to getting a bike. While it seems like it would be a blast to go for a cruise around the area it's everyone else that makes me nervous. How many times have you gone to pull out of an intersection and out of no where, a bike appears? I would consider myself to be an alert driver, but it's happened to me more than once.

Apparently, the person in the Kia Soul didn't realize that the crotch rocket was headed his way, as he made what appeared to be an illegal left turn? It looks like the person on the bike was ok but listen, keep your eyes open! Many a people are out enjoying the beautiful weather on their two wheel machine so take an extra second and make sure no one is headed your way. If anything, that extra second you took will prevent an accident and some serious damage to your car. Take a look at the driver side section of that Kia, done!

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