When 'RoboCop' got pushed from an August 2013 release date to February 2014, everyone assumed it would open stronger when far away from the busy summer months. If this is the better of the two options, then we can't even imagine how poorly it would have opened in the warmer months. The remake of the 1987 classic is definitely not a disaster, but it most certainly underperformed.

FilmWeekendPer Screen
1The LEGO Movie$48,810,000 (-29.3)$12,930$129,113,000
2About Last Night$27,000,000$11,984$27,000,000
4The Monuments Men$15,000,000 (-31.8)$4,865$43,670,000
5Endless Love$13,380,000
6Ride Along$8,759,000 (-8.7)$3,480$116,133,000
7Winter's Tale$7,785,000$2,965$7,785,000
8Frozen$5,855,000 (-14.8)$2,787$376,046,000
9Lone Survivor$4,076,000 (-26.8)$2,025$118,402,000
10That Awkward Moment$3,337,000 (-36.3)$1,736$21,400,000


Jose Padilha's update on the tale of a cyborg cop out for revenge has made $26 million since its Wednesday release, with $21 million of that coming over the weekend. That's not awful, but it's not exactly strong, either. The film will need strong buzz to stay afloat and as of this moment, the buzz is fairly middling. Some will blame this mediocre opening on fans rejecting it, but to be honest, Sony didn't do nearly enough to get normal people excited about a new 'RoboCop.'

Strangely, 'RoboCop's biggest enemies were a movie based on a toy and a movie starring newly minted superstar Kevin Hart.

'The LEGO Movie' held onto the number one spot, dropping a small 29% for a $48 million weekend, bringing its grand total to $129 million. At this rate, it should be at $200 million in no time. However, it remains to be seen if it'll have the endurance showcased by Disney's 'Frozen,' which fell to number eight but only took a 14% drop, bringing its current total to $376 million. People really love 'The LEGO Movie,' but we'll need another week or two before we see if people love it like they love 'Frozen.'

And then there's 'About Last Night' and this weekend's big hero, Mr. Kevin Hart. The ensemble comedy grossed $27 million in its first weekend, making it the second 2014 film starring Hart to find instant success. The second of them, 'Ride Along,' is still hanging out at number six at the box office. With a minuscule 8% drop, the comedy has made $116 million so far. Yes, Hart has two big hits in the top 10 and we're only two months into the new year.

Meanwhile, 'Endless Love' opened at number five with $13 million. That's not bad. Not great, but not bad. After all, 'The Monuments Men' beat it in its second week with a strong $15 million take (for a $43 million total). A George Clooney-powered movie can hold on tight after a mediocre opening, but 'Endless Love' has an uphill battle.

Finally, there's the last new release of the week. 'Winter's Tale' has quickly become the year's first must-see bad movie, but the $7 million opening is evidence that a lot of people don't want to waste their hard-earned money on a surefire flop. Still, this is one that will find a second life in movie-mocking circles.

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