First big snow of the season and it included one of my favorite meteorological events...Thunder Snow.

"Wikipedia defines Thundersnow as: Thundersnow, also known as a winter thunderstorm or a thundersnowstorm, is an unusual kind of thunderstorm with snow falling as the primary precipitation instead of rain. It typically falls in regions of strong upward motion within the cold sector of an extratropical cyclone."

All I know is last night while I was trying to stay ahead of the snowfall I heard the Thundersnow...even over the sound of my loud cranky snowblower. The snow was really coming down and then even increased last night with every crack of thunder.

So this morning we're in a lull, but don't be fooled more is coming. Currently, according to the story in The Times Union we officially have 13.3 inches of snow in Albany...that ties a previous record.

The lull in the snow will last for part of the morning and then back to heavy snow at times here in the Capital Region. Look for several more inches of snow by the time it's all said and done.

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