According to the Weather Channel, the amount of snow from the winter storm that is covering much of New York State this morning should deliver up to 3 inches of the white stuff before all is said and done. That doesn't sound like much but don't be tricked into thinking this is no big deal.

Driving in the snow can be dangerous if you aren't using caution. Take a look at the photos below of a New York State Police cruiser being crushed by a tractor-trailer. Fortunately no one was injured.

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Yes, 3 inches of snow to New Yorkers doesn't appear to be much of a threat but that doesn't mean everything is normal either. Just yesterday New York State Police a travel advisory and in some cases a travel ban for much of Western New York.

According to a New York State Police social media post, an officer from Troop D was assisting a disabled motorist on I-81 in Orleans, NY when the tractor-trailer struck the police cruiser.

518 news, New York weather forecast, New York State Police car accident, Buffalo, Orleans

According to New York State Law, the 'Move Over' law, drivers must use due care, reduce speed, and when possible move from the lane when approaching flashing emergency lights, including law enforcement officers, emergency workers, tow and service operators, and other maintenance workers who are stopped along roadways.

518 news, New York weather forecast, New York State Police car accident, Buffalo, Orleans

This won't be the last of the snow for New York State this winter. When the next storms arrive, whether it's 3 inches or 3 feet of snow, be careful on the roadways.

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