I am no expert on camping. I am also no expert on camping in and around the Capital Region. In fact, I have never actually camped in the Capital Region unless you count my parent's backyard.

I would like to know the best places to camp in the Capital Region or where people from the Capital Region like to go camping.

I have not been camping in a really long time. My parents used to take the family to Alpine Lake, Aqua Vista, and Moreau State Park. With that in mind, I feel that my ‘In and around’ the Capital Region camping experience is too limited to make a suggestion as to where to go camping this summer.

I would have suggested Alpine Lake in the 90’s. I checked out their website and the place looks completely different compared to what I remember. My memories of Alpine Lake are from the early 90’s and they are some of my favorite childhood memories, playing on the playgrounds with the twisty slides, and swimming in their pool but not the lake because sitting bodies of water have always bugged me out. I used to go fishing or boating in one of the three lakes as the sun set, one of the lakes is more like a really big pond that got smaller as I got older.

Now Alpine Lake is an RV Resort and I have no idea what that means.

Aqua Vista and Moreau seem the same as I remember them. They are defiantly the more rugged places to camp but my idea of rugged is a campground with no gift shop.

At Aqua Vista they have a pool, but as a kid I preferred the creek. As an adult, I don’t understand how I preferred the creek as a kid. I don’t know if Aqua Vista still has hayrides but from what I remember the hayrides I went on there back in the day might not have been safe. It was the early 90’s and Millennials didn’t start whining about stuff like that yet.

I don’t know if Moreau has a pool but they really don’t need one because they have an awesome lake. Moreau does have some awesome hiking trails and fishing spots. My family used to camp at Moreau and go to the Great Escape the next day but I think Moreau deserves more than being a giant pit stop because it is a great place to go camping or picnicking.

That is the extent of my ‘in and around’ the Capital Region camping knowledge and experience, except for the fact that I was the kid who always threw things he wasn’t supposed to in the fire, now I am the adult who acts like a kid around the fire. 

Remember kids: This blog is not a statement it's a question, so give us your answer and try not to cry about anything.