Netflix recently added a bunch of new movies and tv shows, knowing that it would be impossible to keep up with Arrow & Flash with my schedule, I waited a year for the Netflix release of my 2 new favorite shows.


I watched 3 episodes of Arrow last night, I tried to stop myself after the first episode, but like I said, I waited a year for this.

An entire year of telling people not to spoil it for me, and entire year of wondering what happened.

I tried to keep up on Hulu, but Hulu did not keep the entire season up long enough for me to catch up.

I guess having enough self control to only watch 3 episodes in a row, makes me a bad binger. I don't know how many episodes of a show on Netflix I have to watch to be considered a binge watcher, so this blog may of been written by a fraud, but I promise to watch more over the weekend, or is that just the binging talking?

I remember when I was just a young man and the word binge, was a bad word, now it is something that everyone seems to do, of course when I was a young lad still wet behind the ears, even if I dried them with a towel, you would binge before you barfed, and that is known as Bulimia.

Now we binge with our eyes and not with our mouths, so I guess it's ok.

I wonder who the first person to binge was?

Did they know someone that was bulimic?

In conclusion, I am eye binging on Arrow.