According to this map apparently it's something that I enjoy pretty regularly ...


Look I'm pretty sure this isn't the most accurate answer for New Yorker's in general but it is for a group of people who use an app called Haters. An app in which it's original (or so they want you to think) purpose is to set you up on dates with people who hate the same things as you do.

Periodically the app puts out maps based on data it has collected from their users outlining the most hated things across the country, usually by state. The latest map illustrates the most hated food in each state.

While some of the results I totally agree with like Vermont hating Spray Cheese or New Hampshire hating expensive drinks there are some I just really can't believe. Like Maryland hating the corner piece of a brownie (that's the best piece!) or New York hating pizza with ranch dressing. C'mon man ranch dressing and a little hot sauce on your crust, how can you hate that?

So I figured we could conduct a little survey of our own to see how accurate the Haters map is ... what food do you hate the most? Let us know in the comments!

If you want to see the full map of hated foods across the states you can check that out by clicking HERE.