More details emerge regarding an alleged racially motivated assault on three African American students on a CDTA bus early Jan. 30.

Students describe UAlbany's campus atmosphere as divided, with a hint of racial tension. A rally in support of the three girls was held on Monday, Feb. 1. The surveillance video from the CDTA bus is in the hands of the Albany Police Department. UAlbany President Robert J. Jones had this to say in regards to the incident:

The question is: what really happened?

What we know based on fact is there was a fight on the bus. We cannot deny that. We also know that the three female students got off the bus at the campus bus stop and two of the three had minor scrapes on their faces, then they went to Albany Medical Center.

Everything else regarding this incident has yet to be proven.

My question: is this worth the effect it is having on the UAlbany campus and the Capital Region?