In my opinion you can not go wrong with a good Tom Hanks movie on Memorial Day, here are three of them to choose from:

“Saving Private Ryan” but I am conflicted because it’s an awesome movie that reminds us what Memorial Day is all about but it’s very graphic and unsettling at times.

Memorial Day is also known to many Americans as the intro to Summer, we have barbecues with our friends and family and “Saving Private Ryan” may not be the movie you want playing in the background as our friends and family eat.

There are many movies that are not as harsh as “Saving Private Ryan” but in my opinion if you want to play it safe “Forrest Gump” is the alternative.

If “Forrest Gump” is still too much for you then I have the perfect movie for you to watch on Memorial Day: “A League of Their Own” because it takes place during WWII and observes the war from a distance while displaying the effects the war had on American culture.

If you can muscle blood, guts and tear jerking drama when you’re eating Hot Dogs and Hamburgers go ahead and watch the more graphic war movies, if you can’t then play it safe with “A League of Their Own.”

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