On the Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show they played the Catchphrase Game, Free Beer would name a sitcom and the rest of the guys had to say all the catchphrases from each show, it made me ask myself if I ever had a catchphrase?

What makes a Catchphrase?

It has to be something you say all the time, but it can't be any old combination of words, it has to something clever or something you say with the same energy or expression every time you say it.

You have to own your catchphrase, you have to sell it like Ric Flair because if you don't then it's just another phrase.

Because I am a pretentious, opinionated, ignorant, primadonna, Americans with delusions of grander I have claimed some phrases my "Catchphrases."

Dan America's Catchphrases:

1, For America.

2, Is she hot?

3, My name is Dan America because my name is Dan and I am from America.

4, Free Advice.

5, I'm a Lions Fan.

On the contrary if you're not an entertainer who has their catchphrases on t-shirts, posters, lunch boxes and whatever else they put catchphrases on, then you are probably just full of something.

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