Most of the guys from The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show are on their way to Arizona for the Super Bowl. I am not going to post the big question yet, I feel that we the people should take this one step at a time. So today I want to know what your favorite Super Bowl was. Mine is Super Bowl XLII, when the Giants spoiled the Patriots perfect season. 


I was nervous February 3, 2008. I did not know if the Giants could do it, I did not want to see the Patriots be the first team since the 1972 Dolphins to complete a undefeated season.

I knew that if the Patriots went undefeated, that we would never hear the end of it from obnoxious Patriots fans, especially the front-runners who did not even watch football until 2002.

For two weeks I had to put up with over-confident Patriots fans who already had "undefeated" shirts and hats. Asking other NFL fans, what we were going to do when the Patriots go undefeated. My response to them was plain and simple, all I would say is "Wait."

Eli Manning was my hero that day, not to mention how touching I found it that Peyton Manning sitting alone in the VIP box watching his brother play in the big game.

I had 11 beers that night, it was Bud Light. In the closing seconds where the looks on the faces of the Patriots were so helpless and desperate I could not be happier. The Patriots misery made my favorite Super Bowl moment, and still to this day I like to say:

Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha.

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