Championship weekend is upon us, Colts vs Patriots for the AFC Championship and Packers vs Seahawks for the NFC Championship. Even if your not a football fan you can make a prediction, because it's fun and more important it is all American. 


I want to see the Colts and the Seahawks win.

The Colts because I can't stand the Patriots. Patriots fans can defend their team all they, but the fact of the matter is that the Patriots did in fact cheat before, the Patriots do in fact bend the rules and use trick plays to gain a unconventional advantage.

Then you have these trendy, front running Patriots fans, that were pretty much left-overs from the peek of the Red Sox/Yankees rivalry from a few years ago. They had a great time cheering for the underdog Red Sox but were not real sports fans so they did not know what to do with themselves after the World Series. So they started claiming that they watch Football.

Fun Fact: Colts vs Patriots, was my first NFL game back in 1996. Drew Bledsoe was Quarterback for the Patriots.

In the Packers vs Seahawks, I want the Seahawks.

I am a Lions fan. That is why and that is all you need to know. I think that in this game Seattle is the sure thing because of Aaron Rogers health, poor little guy. And I love Marshawn Lynch.

That is my Superbowl pick whats yours!?

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