In Pendleton, Oregon, recreational marijuana will be legal starting in July, so the city council has banned marijuana odor in public, because it's offensive. A concerned citizen then wrote the city a letter, requesting that farts be banned as well, because they are offensive.


Marijuana is not legal in the Capital Region, but farts are, and I think that this is a problem, because I agree with the man from Oregon. Farts are offensive and I think that they should be banned, that way we will all have to take the saying "Who ever smelt it, dealt it." Seriously.

The smell of our home defines us, and I don't want people thinking that the Capital Region is a 'toot, toot town."

Poo gas is not the only smell that threatens our reputation, so here is a list of smells I feel should be banned in the Capital Region.

  • Lark Street
  • Troy
  • Farts
  • Fear
  • Litter Boxes
  • Cat Poop
  • Kegs and Eggs (Post consumption)
  • Pigeons
  • Wet Dogs
  • Washington Park after a Festival
  • Skunks
  • Sweat
  • That worm smell after it rains
  • That fishy poo smell by the river
  • Poop
  • Dead Leaves
  • People who do not wear deodorant
  • Old peanut shells

Now that I have started us off, it is your turn to decide what we should not smell like.



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