Watermelon is the fruit of the summer in America, I don’t know if it is in other countries and I don’t care because I live in America. In America, watermelon is the most popular fruit of the Summer, especially with the kids. Adults love it too and that is why there will probably be a watermelon at every picnic, party, or just for the heck of it this summer in America. But what do we do with all of the seeds?

Most people spit their watermelon seeds out on a paper plate, a plastic bag or directly in the garbage. Some people eat them, my grandmother once told my brother not to swallow the watermelon seeds or a watermelon would grow in his belly so he swallowed one then opened his mouth and tilted his head back to give it some sun.

I don’t think that anyone should waste their watermelon seeds because of my diabolical plan that I call: The Melon Rebellion.

The Melon Rebellion

Save all of your watermelon seeds and plant them everywhere.

Plant them in your yard, your friends and extended families yard, plant them at work, at schools, at the park, just keep planting them and don’t stop.

Not all of the seeds will grow but some of them will and if there is enough people planting watermelon seeds at random all over town some of them are bound to grow.

In a month or two watermelon vines will be popping up everywhere and people will be wondering where they all came from?

They won’t know but we will because we are the Melon Rebellion.

It could make the news.

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