What would you do if you dug this up in your backyard? I mean other that totally freak out. A woman was gardening in her Australian home’s back yard when her garden trowel hit something solid. What she found was this very weird, very creepy piece of pottery. She had no idea what it could be and after asking several people and getting some very creepy answers like, “That’s a container for evil spirits!”, or “A witch made that for a spell she was casting” or “I think that’s an urn and it contains someone’s ashes”. So she decided to go to the most reliable source there is on the planet…..yep Facebook.


There is a Facebook group called “Weird Secondhand Finds That Just Need To Be Shared”. She posted pictures of the creepy pottery and got more disturbing supernatural opinions. Just to be safe she burned dried sage in her house and sprinkled salt around her yard….you know to ward off the disturbed evil spirits because that’s what the Facebook people told her to do.

Finally, she found the previous owner of her house and ask them what the heck this was, and if they wanted it back, or reburied or thrown away? The previous owner said that her son used to make all kinds of pottery and that was one of his weirder pieces. She placed it in her garden as some yard art and over time the earth just kinda consumed it. So there ya go, nothing evil, nothing supernatural, just some bad art…..and a good story.

If you haven’t checked out “Weird Secondhand Finds That Just Need To Be Shared” on Facebook you should it’s pretty entertaining. Also, have you ever found anything weird or interesting in a house you’ve moved into?