What happens when a Rock Girl takes on the 'cosplay' trend? While I admittedly live for dressing up, Halloween, costumes, and gory make-up, I know nothing about cosplay. I've been to one comic-con, where I crashed the costume contest (dressed as Wednesday Addams). So when the opportunity to go to a Harry Potter Convention, "Pottercon,"came up, I felt I needed to jump on the chance to experience what it would be like.

Rock Girl Tatiana: PotterCon meets Punk Rock

Coincidentally, PotterCon was the same weekend as the 'Punk Rock Bowling and Music Festival,' both in Asbury Park, NJ. Meaning, if I dressed up, it needed to be something that I could slip away to see live music in.

Figuring I would fit in, and without a clue of how people would dress, I wore a "Harry Potter" themed t-shirt, graveyard patterned tights, and got myself a wand to carry around.

PotterCon: Human sized chess boards

What I found when I entered the event, at Convention Hall, was a world of fanatics, fans, cosplayers, and adults who wanted a fun event to drink at. There were Harry Potter themed cocktails, and even beer pong tables set up. There were wand making tables, a costume contest, and a "sorting hat" ceremony- something that is a huge deal to Potterheads. Some people were in full costume, and others were in simple "themes" like striped shirts. Cosplayers we're doing "wand duels," and I watched intensely as they took on characters and fought each other casting spells.

The line to get in to PotterCon: a loooong ways

While I stood in awe, and took it all in, I realized that conventions aren't just for the cosplayers. It really tailored to every demographic, someone like me included who just wanted to dress in something fun and check out the scene. As I left, to head to check out some punk rock, attendees were warming up with their Butterbeers, cocktails, and beer pong. I'm sure if I stayed the scene would've gotten crazy, but punk rock called for this Rock Girl.

I made the Billboard on stage!