Some people decorate the day after Thanksgiving, some people wait until Christmas Eve and some people don't decorate at all, but when is the best time to decorate for the holidays?

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I have not decorated for the holidays yet because I don't feel like rearranging the furniture in my living room yet and it's discouraging me from watching Christmas movies.

My family was always a first-week-of-December type. My wife's family did not decorate much, they had decorations but stopped putting them up as my wife got older.

My wife hates Christmas because her birthday is on Dec. 22 and she hates it when I decorate for the holidays, she really hates our Christmas tree because I inherited my families old tree, we had inherited her families old tree too but our Schnauzer peed on it so we had to get rid of it. She wanted to throw it away before the dog peed on it but I would not let her, I did preserve all of her families decorations so that when our son looks at the Christmas tree he is looking at the same tree that I did when I was a kid and at the same decorations that my wife did when she was a kid.

I am going to put up the tree this weekend, although I prefer to be more of a day after Thanksgiving type of person I have to compromise, for now, when my son is old enough to actually help decorate we will outnumber my wife.